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About me and my jewellery

After selling pieces to friends and local shops I was persuaded to make my designs available to a wider audience and this website is the result.


My early influence was a desire to express the love I felt for my family.  This initial idea developed into the “Affirmation” collection and I still have that feeling every time I wear each piece.  The design lends itself perfectly to adaptation to suit every client, with various options to create your own unique expression.

Silver by Audrey Rose is a range of hand-crafted bespoke jewellery designed and made by me, Jacqueline Audrey Rose Campbell.


I have studied design and jewellery making in sterling silver for 5 years and I am a qualified silversmith.  I earned a distinction for all of these qualifications and was even short listed for the City & Guilds Medal of Excellence.  I also had a write-up in "Learn London", a booklet that was published in London Time Out.


I have always had a keen interest in jewellery and been an avid collector, just ask my husband, but in 2008 I took it a step further.

I attended a silver jewellery making course on which we made simple rings, bangles and pendants from sterling silver wire and sheet.  It seemed I had an aptitude for this so all the collecting had obviously paid off, but I was hooked.


Since those early beginnings I have developed my technique, designs and style throughout this period and now would like to introduce you to my silver collection.  I hope you like it and it gives you as much pleasure as it has given me to design and create each piece.

Each piece is unique as it is hand-made and the detail is decided by the person for whom the jewellery is intended.


For example, my own suite of “Affirmation” include the names of my husband and children and has fresh-water pearls.  It is such a personal piece that it can say whatever each person wants it to.